our business


“The 21 Century”, we are very pleased to realize your requests with long experience, accurate skill and new conception.
image We are sub-contractors for the production of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, but in addition we successfully do create our own products for special applications.

HAL-TEC is high precision and high yield tool for the lamination of film, or film to grass, films onto liquid crystal panels and other thin and sensitive optical materials.

BIG SAW is based on Sankyo patents - a very powerful metal cutting machine(using air pressure for operation instead of electricity);
BIG CHECKER is based on Sankyo patents as well - designed for efficient checking of pressure in buildings water supply system..

Our detailed operations(design and production)
A variety of devices for testing Automatic machines, special machines and other industrial Machines for pressing

trading company function

We can offer you various products that help latest high technologies through great range of domestic and international networks.

In the function as a trading company, we sells cutting tools such as drills and end mill, machine tools including work tools, ultra-hard diamond, air equipment, grinding stone, working machines, tooling, electric machinery, conveyors, measuring instruments, rubber, chemical products, and others supplied by each partner maker.

In recent years, through cooperation with overseas manufacturers of good standing, we have also distributed products using special technologies that are unable to be procured at home.